street chairs


Special limited first edition, paperback, 140 pages, color. $35, shipping included. Buy your copy now while they last!

It started with a few random chairs and has become an ongoing project. Photographer Lisa Gilman first spotted a simple, black wood-frame chair: the muted pastel colors of its seat and backrest mirrored in the concrete walls of an empty parking space. A few days later another chair presented itself, this one in the middle of a crosswalk: a child’s bright yellow plastic chair. The days piled up, and so did the chairs. And Lisa quickly decided that she needed to photo-document these Street Chairs, but with one self-imposed rule: she was not allowed to alter their position or interfere with any of the objects on or around them.

Lisa’s goal was to give these chairs another life outside of the life they had before, so that their images could be preserved, and their various stories could be imagined. Chairs that had been removed from their places in homes. Chairs that no longer served as places of rest, comfort, restoration. Discarded and cast aside, each with a story: a past with an uncertain future.

Page through Street Chairs to discover what stories you see and hear. In this limited first edition, you’ll find over a hundred photos, along with “Notes on Abandoned Chairs” by AIGA Medal winner and design writer extraordinaire Ralph Caplan; and an introduction by Evan Hughes, award winning furniture designer.

The Street Chairs Project is ongoing, so you can also visit these chairs and others at